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please fix!!!

I live in NH and I usualy listen to your 92.1 station. But for the past 3 days, you guys have been replaced by some easy listening station. I hope this can be fixed soon. I know you guys are going to do everything you can to fix this.

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    Ben Ashe shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        hi I am in warwick ri and just letting you know every venue i click on opens up and heres what I see.
        ..Page has encountered an error
        The page you are requesting is currently unavailable or has encountered an error. After 15seconds the page will try to reload or you can try again now.
        on every link

      • Dan commented  · 

        Stream online from wfnx.com. I'm at work now and have it streaming. I stream it in my car to my
        iphone. What ya gonna do.. You could buy Sirius Radio, Alt Nation channel is great.. but its $300
        for 4 years.

      • PW commented  · 

        FnX is good ad screwing people out of a station to listen to. I'll have you all know that ever since Y'all left Providence in 2003, we STILL TO THIS DAY don't have a modern rock/alternative station anywhere in southeastern connecticut to listen to so the only stations we have now are country and hip hop. I dunno why you even bother to go in business if you're just gonna leave people hanging, which is what I feel you did.

      • LAC commented  · 

        My son and I are so upset that FNX is gone on the Seacoast of NH. This was by far my favorite station, the one that would play intelligent music while the rock stations are playing more and more pop labeled as rock. I now can only hear FNX for the few minutes I pass through Massachusetts every once in awhile or when I am passing through Manchester- The Seacoast is such a cutting edge area for the arts- Why would you abandon this area?

      • missingyou commented  · 

        I can't believe that you left us. I decided it was OK to move to Portland from Boston because I could still listen to FNX. I've been listening to Henry in the mornings since 1986 and I just can't start my day properly without him. To add to the problem, my workplace has blocked all internet music and now I'm stuck with the junk that gets played on the radio here.

      • Lefebvre commented  · 

        I am very saddened as well by this loss :( FNX played the BEST music in the NH seacoast area, now I find myself surfing the waves hoping I'll find something even close. Bring FNX back to NH!

      • Carey commented  · 

        I was out of town for a week, and when I came back you were gone! I finally read in the paper that you sold your 92.1 bandwidth to that crappy oldies station - I can't believe it. Why did you abandon us?

      • pregothgirl89 commented  · 

        i am completely pissed FNX has abandoned the seacoast.
        all the stations around here play the same old schlock.
        FNX was our only hope.
        and now it's gone.
        i protest!!!

      • Nina commented  · 

        Totally confused as well! I turn on my car radio last week and what to my horrified surprise - 92.1 (WFNX/Boston) is now some god- awful smooth rock/oldies station! Just researched it and this is what I found (see further down)! eck!! 92.1 Was the only station I listen to in Portsmouth and on my commute to York, ME. as an ex-bostonian. - Phoenix Media/Communications Group announced a sale of the station to Aruba Capital Holdings, owner of WXEX in Exeter, New Hampshire, in May 2011.[1] In August 2011 Aruba Capital Holdings took over the station and switched it to current simulcast of WXEX. - So sad! But I tried this a.m. and WFNX comes in (though not as clear) up to York.

      • Eileen commented  · 

        What has happened is that WFNX has sold it's 92.1 signal for the seacoast area. They have retained it for the Manchester area but for those of us on the seacoast we have been abandoned. The signal was sold to a horrible station wxex with crappy music. WFNX was the last decent station in this area

      • Kyle commented  · 

        I have listen to your station for atleast 25 years. I was thrilled when you added the New hampshire location. It is the only station of its kind. Why is it no longer available?

      • Kevin commented  · 

        Bring back fnx I was looking forward to Henry vs Fletcher album off. I need fnx 92.1 in maine...

      • Palanion commented  · 

        Where did FNX go?!?!? I want my FNX!
        I am concerned that this is not a mistake, but that FNX has abandoned the 92.1 frequency ME/NH markets. 92.1 is not part of the FNX logo on the FNX home page...
        What is going on?!

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